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  • Never use two spaces after a period
  • Use ampersands in page and program titles but not within body text, unless referencing a page or program title
  • Always capitalize “The” in “The University of Texas.”
  • Always reference the university as "The University of Texas at Austin" on first reference 
    • "UT" is acceptable on second
  • Never capitalize “university”, “school”, or “college” mid-sentence unless using a proper name
    • “I work for The University of Texas at Austin. The university is a good employer.”
  • Never capitalize “the” in “the School of Undergraduate Studies” mid-sentence
  • Never capitalize the semester name (e.g. spring, summer, fall) mid-sentence
  • Never capitalize a subject or department unless using a proper name or a course title
    • CORRECT: “Students can enroll in chemistry courses from the College of Natural Sciences.”
    • CORRECT: “She “They majored in physics and English.”
    • CORRECT: “She is “They are a faculty member in the Department of Sociology.”
    • CORRECT: “She is “They are a faculty member in the sociology department.”
    • INCORRECT: “He is “They are taking Chemistry, Art History, and Biology courses this semester.”
  • Never capitalize “bachelor’s” or “master’s” degree mid-sentence
  • Always use punctuation in degree abbreviations
    • For example: Ph.D., M.A., M.Ed., etc.
  • Always use the Oxford comma with a list of three or more things
    • CORRECT: “She is “They are taking art history, biology, and math courses this semester.”
    • INCORRECT: “He is “They are majoring in English, biology and Spanish.”
  • Capitalize job titles only when used before a name
    • CORRECT: “Brent Iverson is dean of the School of Undergraduate Studies.”
    • CORRECT: “Dean Brent Iverson will attend the luncheon hosted by President Fenves.”
    • CORRECT: "Brent Iverson, dean of the School of Undergraduate Studies, will attend a lunch hosted by President Fenves."
    • INCORRECT: “The President spoke at our dinner on Tuesday night.”