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Firstly, locate the Engineering Rack 114 in CMB 4.130.  The rack is located in the Southeast corner of the room, next to the Remote Mac Desktop computer.  In the center of the rack you will find a control panel with many colorful buttons.  This is called the RCP (Router Control Panel.)Image Modified
On the RCP (Router Control Panel) you will find 6 selection buttons (5 Green, 1 Red) nearest the right hand side of the rack.  Depending on who used the panel last, you may have to press the "BACK" Button once or twice to return to the Salvo select page.
Image Modified

After pressing the "BACK" Button once or twice, you should now see the buttons on the left side of the RCP (Router Control Panel) turn Yellow.  Press the Yellow "SALVO" Button.

After pressing the Yellow SALVO button the RCP should look like this

The buttons on the Left turn Blue.  These six blue buttons are the individual SALVO Assignment Buttons.  Each button is assigned a specific destination.  For example, to set up for recording the Texas Newswatch you would press the Blue Journalism Lab 4E SALVO button (as displayed in the picture.)  This will route all the Video Sources associated with or used for recording the Texas Newswatch or any other program recorded in Studio 4E.