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To Auto White Balance on a white board use the AWB Hold button

Press the VIEW button to put the monitor in Viewing mode

Press the REC button to start recording

This button toggles recording on and off

To adjust the Overcrank and Undercrank press the VFR white button on the "Home" page of the camera "Control Panel"

Press the same white button again to turn "ON" VFR and then turn the knob to what frame rate

4K only will go to 30FPS overcranking
and 2 fps undercrank
2K will go to 60 FPS overcrank

Once you have shot footage on the DVX200 Panasonic Varicam LT you need to bring that into AVID.

Launch AVID

The Initial Project Screen will open. Here is where you choose where you create and save new projects. Click on the "Folder" to select where to save your new projects also how to navigate to already existing projects.

Navigate to the hard drive and folder that you want AVID to access and save new projects

You can look at the path where AVID will be accessing projects once you select the folder

Now click on the "New Project" button

The New Project Dialog will come up. Select the project parameters

  • Choose the Project Name
  • The Format 4096 x 2160 Color Space - YCbCr 709
  • Color Space YCbCr
  • Stereoscopic Off Click OK to create the project
    Click OK to create the project

Click OK to create the project

Open the Source Browser if you haven't already

Go to >Tools>Source Browser

Choose to "Link"

Navigate to the location of the RAW Card Files

You should be able to select the folder that contains all the card files

Click on Link

The files will load into the open bin

Select the files in the bin and choose >clip>Consolidate/Transcode

Then select where you want to save the consolidated files and choose the "Target Video Resolution"

We recommend
Then Choose Transcode

Edit with the master clip not the linked file

Notice the different icon for a linked file