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The University of Texas at Austin allows personal computers and other equipment to be removed from campus for official University business, provided a log is kept by the owning department.   For computer equipment belonging to Moody College of Communication unit codes, Faculty and Staff are required to fill out the Removal of Inventory from Campus Form .  This Our Ivanti management software in use by the Tech Team works as this active log for computers. UT Accounting still requires an Inventory Located off Campus Form to be recorded for each tagged item. Normally, this form must be signed by a representative of the department and filed in the department/unit office with the Inventory Contact.  It is recommended that a copy of this signed form be kept with the equipment in case Campus Police ask about its removal from campus.

Part of our mitigation response to the Covid-19 outbreak is for faculty and staff to work from home and be enabled to take their desktop or laptop home while we work to maintain social distance. Download the form and you can edit in Acrobat Pro or print and fill it out, scan and email or take a smart phone picture and send to 

  • It is not critical to have the signature fields filled out at this time: We can work on making our own DocuSign version in the future. 
  • The Date to be returned field is not important either.  That is yet to be determined and is irrelevant for most computer deployments anyway. 
  • The PO# field is not important either; we can can get that once we can identify the computer.

What is important is that you share with us the other basic information in this form.

  • Department or Unit Code:  Just give us the unit name you work for. 
  • Date removed:
  • Inventory Number: This is the number on the UT barcode tag or the Dell Asset Tag. The UT tags are either six digit numbers or six digit strings that start with Axxxxx. Dell Asset tags have more information, the UT tag number is the six digit number under the barcode or a six digit string starting with Dxxxxx
    Inventory tag examples are: Image Added Image AddedImage Added
  • Description:  The make and model of the computer.  Example, Dell Latitude 7400 or Apple 27" iMac
  • Serial number: This can be found on a Dell Asset Tag as the Dell Service Tag #.  On an Mac, it is usually impossibly small print on the underside of a laptop or in the case of an iMac, on the backside of the computer or the underside of the stand.
  • Location:
  • Name, Address, Telephone and I will add EID to their form. 
  • Association: Faculty, Staff, Student, Other. 

Each item of equipment with an inventory number must be listed on this formEach item of equipment with an inventory number must be listed on this form.  If you have received a new laptop, for example, you must fill out a new form for the new inventory number.  It is the responsibility of each departmental Inventory Contact to maintain complete records of equipment located off campus.  Inventory located at satellite buildings are not considered ‘off campus’.  This policy does not apply to equipment checked out through the equipment checkout facilities in BMC, CMA and HSM, which have their own procedures and forms.    

 Our management software can get much of this information but it really helps us for you to confirm what you have in your possession.  And also, it's UT Inventory policy so please send in this information.