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EIKI Film Projector User Guide

NOTE: DOUBLE SPLICES ARE NOT NECESSARY AS LONG AS THE SPLICES ARE DONE WELL, BUT BRING A SPLICER, SPLICING TAPE AND LEADER to repair splices and breaks that may occur while projecting. WILL ALSO NEED 2 SPLIT REELS to use this double system projector.

Check plug to see if Video Projector is plugged in. Both projectors can’t be plugged in at the same time.

Make sure use a take up reel with at least a 4 inch hub or larger. Can’t use split reels as take up reels.

Can and should use split reels for the supply feed reel. Put film on a split reel and put sound mag on a split reel as well.

Thread the film off the supply reel and put the film into the gate so that the hole punch shows through the window of the projector gate.