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System Prefs

Click on Displays

Arrangement tab

Make Sur Sure Mirroring is off

Go to Energy Saver

Turn display off to "Never"

Uncheck Put Hard Disks to sleep

Sound Set to Crestron HDMI

Go to Desktop and Screen Saver

Image Added

Solid Colors

Custom Color

Change the color to black

Go to Desktop and Screen Saver

Image Removed

Open Qlab

>File New Workspace

 Go to Workspace Settings

>Audio > Audio Patch 1 >HDMI>

Click on Video>
Click on + to add a Video Surface to play out

Choose New Crestron 1920x1080

Leave the default settings

This is how the Video interface should work

Drag the clips from the drive to the list area shown here

While all the clips are selected then go to "Display and Geometry" and change the Video Surface to Surface 2 Crestron

Select the clip go to basics and change the "Continue" setting to Auto Follow


Change the Prewait Pre Wait to 3 seconds

 On the last Movie of the playlist choose Do Not Continue

(troubleshooting) To skip past a 2 pop or similar change the start time to beginning of picture

 Audio Levels Tab can adjust audio levels here

 Press Go to start screening the playlist

ESC exits the screening have to do this Don't hit Go again as 2 movies will play at once