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This committee should consist of four members, including one member of the STEM Education Graduate Faculty who agrees to serve as Supervisor. At least three members must be on the STEM Education Graduate Studies Committee (GSC), and at least one of the four must come from outside the STEM Education GSC.

Complete the Dissertation Proposal

All students are required to write a dissertation proposal and to submit it to their committee one week prior to a public discussion. A public discussion will be held to provide feedback and suggestions on the proposal.

Complete an EDI statement

Students are required to write an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) statement detailing how their teaching, service, and/or scholarship has (or will) addressed these issues. Students will be asked to imagine that they’re applying for an ideal position of their choice and write a 1-page statement, which will be submitted to their dissertation committee along with their dissertation proposal, and will then be reviewed and approved of by their dissertation committee at the student’s dissertation proposal defense.

Contact the C&I Graduate Coordinator for the Program of Work Template