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Read the instructions carefully before initiating the submission process. Failure to do so may result in unnecessary frustration.



Table of Contents

Request for Final Oral Examination/"Pink Sheet"



The completed signed request for your Final Oral Examination needs to be delivered to the Graduate School, Main 101, two weeks before the scheduled exam.  You will need to begin this DocuSign submission process at least 3 weeks before your scheduled date.

Before Submitting the Form via DocuSign

Inform your committee members and your Graduate Adviser that a Request for Final Oral Examination Form will be sent via DocuSign  before you begin the submission process.  They will receive an email from "Jeffrey Grimes via DocuSign" ( confirming your petition to schedule a Final Oral exam with your committee.

The DocuSign PowerForm will require that you enter the names and email addresses of all your committee members, your Graduate Adviser and yourself.

Required Information for DocuSign Final Oral Request 

  1. The names and email addresses of your Supervisor, Co-Supervisor or Member 2, Member 3, Member 4*, and Graduate Adviser are required. Members 5-7 are optional.
  2. Final Oral exam details as agreed upon by your committee:  Date, time, and location (building and room OR virtual). 
  3. You will also need to indicate on the form if IRB approval is required and, if so, enter the IRB study number. 

*Please Note: If a member will NOT be in attendance, (virtually or physically), please list them as Member #4. By listing them as member #4, this will allow this member to note their absence and sign in the correct part of the form. 

DocuSign Submission

Click the link below to begin the DocuSign submission process.
NOTE: Do not begin the process until you have all the information noted above. Stopping before reaching the end will create abandoned documents in the DocuSign system. Abandoned forms cannot be accessed again and you will have to start over.

DocuSign Request for Final Oral Examination PowerForm Link 


DocuSign will automatically forward the form to your Graduate Coordinator. They will have an opportunity to ensure that the committee members information was submitted correctly. The form will then be sent to all committee members for their eSignature. The Graduate Adviser will be the last one to eSign.

DocuSign will send you an email with a [Review Document] link. Save this email and use the link to monitor the progress of your form signatures. From the linked webpage, click [Other Actions] menu —> [Certificate of Completion] to review who has and who has not yet signed the document.

You will receive a second email from DocuSign when all signers have completed the signing process. Click “View Completed Document” link in that email. When the document opens on the DocuSign website, click the “Download” button at the top of the document. Select the “Combined PDF” option and save the document to your computer. A combined document includes the form and the certificate of completion. The certificate provides a full audit trail of your DocuSign transaction. Submit the combined pdf Request For Final Oral Exam form electronically to the Graduate School at
Be sure to follow the rest of the instructions on page 1 of the form.