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This wiki explains how to setup and record a lecture using the screen capture from the online service Zoom .


with audio from the webcam.

Launch Chrome and go to

Sign in.

If you don't have an account, create one, it is free. Then sign in.

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Choose "With Video Off" from the "HOST A MEETING" drop down

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Host a meeting with video on

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If Zoom is not already installed. Install it. You may need to call a proctor or tech staff.

Sign In

Click Start with video

Click Join Audio Conference by Computer

Your settings should look like this

Click Record

Click Share Screen

Choose desktop and share screen

Hover towards the top of the screen and click on more and then click on "Stop Recording" to stop recording, or... "End Meeting"

Click end meeting for ALL

Go to the recording Tab to see where your recorded file has been stored.

Your recording will convert automatically.

Finder should automatically pop up with your recorded files