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An explanation of each field:



Building RoomPMA 2.222
ipCurrent IP of a device, if you are requesting a static IP or Port Activation leave this blank129.116.163.232
macMac address of the device, absolutely required!dc:a9:04:92:f0:e5
nameEither current DNS name or the desired DNS namecns-f-rlma012345
descriptionREQUIRED: Include whether it is managed or unmanaged. Also include manufacturer/make/model if you have it.Dell E514dw, managed
ut_tagUT tag of device, if no UT tag leave blank but MUST provide s/n in next fielda012345
serialIf you have the UT tag this field is optional, otherwise it is requiredC02TV33ZHTDF
priorityn, i or c(normal/important/critical) lowercasen
category1, 2 or 3 . You cannot have multiple! If you choose 1,then classification must be filled out otherwise leave classification blank. Explanation of Cat 1:
primary_userThe EID of the primary user of the device. This cannot be left blank if it is used by multiple people input the manager/PI of the space.asd1234
contactsThe EID of the person that should get cc'd on ISO notices. Ex: a PI of a lab. If there is none, then provide:CNS-ITCNS-IT
contact_flagsAlways enter: defaultdefault

One of the following: laptop/laptop-encrypted/desktop/desktop-encrypted/server/video security/printer/phone/classroomAV/infrastructure

Important: Please confirm whether or not the computer has full disk encryption enabled or not (ex:filevault,bitlocker, secure doc). All Cat 1 devices need to be encrypted, if they are not and it cannot easily be addressed please get management involved.


Must include at least one:


Must Include at least one:

R = Protected Research Information
S = Social Security Numbers
C = Classified Personal Information
N = Financial Information
U = University-level critical data
D = Department-level critical data

Important: Do not include spaces just provide the full string of number(s) and letter(s)

If you Define a system as Cat 2 or Cat 3, the classification field must be left blank