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On lonestar6 these local file systems have the following characteristics:

quota10 GB1024 GB = 1 TB2+ PB (basically infinite)
policybacked upnot backed up,
not purged
not backed up,
purged if not accessed recently (~10 days)
access commandcdcdwcds
environment variable$HOME

$WORK (different sub-directory for each cluster)

$STOCKYARD (root of the shared Work file system)

root file system/home/work/scratch
use forSmall files such as scripts that you don't want to lose.Medium-sized files you don't want to copy over all the time. For example, custom programs you install (these can get large), or annotation file used for analysis.Large files accessed from batch jobs. Your starting files will be copied here from somewhere else, and your final results files will be copied elsewhere (e.g. stockyard, corral, your BRCF POD, or your organization's storage area.