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Misrepresenting facts for academic advantage to the University or an agent of the University or The University of Texas System includes, but is not limited to, providing false grades or résumés; providing false or misleading information in an effort to receive a postponement or an extension on a test, quiz, or other assignment for the purpose of obtaining an academic or financial benefit for oneself or another individual; and providing false or misleading information in an effort to injure another student academically or financially.


PENALTIES The penalties for plagiarism can be severe. In all demonstrable cases of plagiarism, it is recommended that the student be failed for the entire course, not just for the paper; however, the penalty in any given case is at the discretion of the individual instructor. Any charge of scholastic dishonesty must be discussed directly with you and you must be informed of your right to a hearing before a designated University official and of your right to appeal to the Office of the Dean of Students. In most instances, however, plagiarism cases are handled within the department of Curriculum & Instruction.