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Projector Setup>

Turn on projector fan

The inputs to the projector are here

plug in the USB

or Crew drive

Log in as commpower on the Barco mac mini shown here

Launch Barco Communicator

Make sure you log in as the Service Technician

Click the “User” Icon to log in as Service Technician

Might need to click connect

Log in as

UN: st

Password: default

Select UT-Projector

Double click to load

Select Lamp button, so it’s blue

Select Dowser button, so it’s blue

Go to Chrome, login to browser by going to “”

To access Dolby website, username and password is “doremi”

Go to Control tab > Ingest manager

For Cru Drive : Select a location > Local storage

Select film Icons make sure both are selected and then click “Ingest” button

You will see the ingest monitor copying the

File off the USB to the internal server

If you ever want to check the ingest press the

"Ingest in progress" button shown here

Go to Cinelister > Schedule (This is where you can add or edit an existing show)

UN is manager

Password is "password" > ok

to find files >Control>Content Manager

Then go to

Comp Playlist to see a list of files

To delete a file - select it in the list then click the delete button

You will be asked to confirm

Click OK

To make a new show >Cinelister>Editor

Click on New

Or click Open

to open an existing playlist

Image Added

Add any element from the left side by clicking on it

See the list on the right side of the items you want to add in the playlist

When the playlist is finished click on Save

Title the show and click on save

IF you are saving with a show that is already created it'll ask you to confirm you want to overwrite.

To delete a show
Click on delete

Select the show from the list

To play a show >Cinelister>Editor

Load your show or create your show Click OPEN - open your show - OK


Make sure lock is in manual

Then click on the play button

It will open the last loaded show

it will play the last show that was called up in the Cinelister >Editor schedule

When finished, remember to turn off lamp, wait 1 minute and then turn off fan

If you ever need to request a key for an encrypted DCP, the IMS2000 Serial Number 320028 server certificates are found here:


Click the Blue square to turn off projector bulb

White Square means the bulb is off