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The basic course requirements for the PhD degree are as follows:

a) Deficiency courses (credit hours vary)

b) MSE  MSE Seminar (3 credit hours)

cb) Core courses (9 credit hours)

dc) Thrust Area courses (9 credit hours)

ed) Advanced electives (6-12 credit hours)

f) MSE Research and Dissertation courses (credit hours vary)

The specific course requirements depend on your chosen Thrust area. Unlike the requirements for the MSE degree, there is no fixed requirement for the number of advanced electives that are required for the PhD degree.  The number of elective courses is determined by the Dissertation Committee during the Preliminary Oral Examination (detailed below). You may petition the graduate advisor to receive credit if you feel that you have taken courses at the graduate level at another institution that are equivalent in content to a required Thrust course at The University of Texas at Austin. However, transfer credit is not given for core courses.