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Large .RData files can be extremely slow to load from both R and R Studio Server. If you must save R data this way, consider renaming the .RData file to a different name so that it can be loaded explicitly only when needed, instead of always when R is invoked.

"This site can't be reached" browser error

An error like "This site can't be reached; ERR_CONNECTION_RESET" (Windows) may indicate a browser-related security issue.

  • Make sure the browser software being used is the latest version.
  • Try different browsers (e.g. Firefox instead of Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari). 
    • A different browser may indicate that there are security risks with accessing the website, but give the option to accept the risk and go ahead.

Disk quota exceeded

Another type of problem can arise when a user's 100 GB Home directory quota has been exceeded (not applicable on the EDU pod). This can produce errors when trying to start R Studio Server or R, perform work in R, or even install additional packages. For example, you may see a "Cannot connect to service" message after logging in to R Studio Server. Or, if an R session has been established and saving a new file would exceed the Home directory quota, users will often (but not always) see an error like the following: