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If accessing a specific server works when using the virtual host does not, please let us know by emailing our support email.


Zombie processes

A "zombie" RStudio process may be preventing you from successfully logging in to an RStudio session. If your POD has more than one compute server, try logging in to one of the others. If that works, the issue is related to something on the compute server you can't login to.


Code Block
kill -9 65327

File upload issues

Sometimes users will get an "Unexpected response from server" error when attempting to upload a file. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Make sure your browser is up to date with the most current version
  • Try the operation in at least 2 different up-to-date browsers (e.g. Chrome and Firefox)
  • Try the upload operation from the JupyterHub web application instead of from RStudio

Disk quota exceeded

Another type of problem can arise when a user's 100 GB Home directory quota has been exceeded (not applicable on the EDU pod, which does not have Home directory quotas). This can produce errors when trying to start RStudio Server or R, perform work in R, or even install additional packages. For example, you may see a "Cannot connect to service" message after logging in to RStudio Server. Or, if an R session has been established and saving a new file would exceed the Home directory quota, users will often (but not always) see an error like the following: