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titleTable of Contents

Table of Contents


Recording Lectures in Advance


We recommend that you use the Cloud Recording option, as this will allow you to easily make these recordings available to your students in Canvas.


  1. Please select the 'Cloud Recordings' tab.
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  2. Find the recorded Meeting you want to Publish and enable it by turning on the 'Publish' toggle next to the listed recording.
  3. 'Publish' means students can find it in Canvas via the student's Zoom tab within Canvas.

Linking a Recording to Pages or Announcements

If you would like to post your recording into any preferred platform in Canvas such as Pages, Modules, or Announcements

*You can also use this as a workaround if your students cannot see your recording even if has been published or if you want to copy a recording to a different class

  1. Navigate to your Cloud Recordings and click on the recording you want to share
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  2. Click Share under the video you want to share with students
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  3.  Highlight the link and copy it, or click the copy button to include all of the text in the box
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  4. Paste the link and information into any platform you prefer (example below) 

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