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More Zoom Resources (by Zoom)

Zoom has its own online resources and tutorials which we've listed below 

  • Step-by-step page to get started Getting started on Mac and PC

  • There is a collection of video tutorials that cover basic and advanced Zoom features

  • There are daily Live Training Webinars available that you may register to attend. These webinars demonstrate Zoom’s abilities and give you a picture of what a student in an online class would experience. Previously recorded webinars are also available if you would like to watch them without participating
  • Zoom has an extensive FAQ section where you may find answers to specific questions and the Zoom search field is very powerful on their support site
  • If Zoom does not seem to be working correctly you can check the Zoom Service Status page. This page will give you information about whether the service is experiencing disruptions. Due to the sudden load on Zoom from the many colleges and businesses shifting to online collaboration, there may be occasional outages
  • For more advanced users there are virtual break-out rooms that you can utilize during class.
  • If all this fails you can check out

Features not accessible or grayed out?

If you encounter settings or features that are grayed out or get a “No permission. (number)” message, UT has not yet configured that feature for our site license. You may email to have your issue brought up for consideration by UT. However, do not expect an immediate fix as feature requests can take some time to activate or implement



Still need help? 

For McCombs faculty, please contact Media Services via email or phone: