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Dept.Num.Course Name
BCH369Fundamentals of Biochemistry
BCH387DPhysical Methods in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
BCH394Structure and Function of Proteins and Nucleic Acids
BCH395GStructure and Function of Proteins and Membranes
BIO336Tumor Biology (upper-division undergraduate level)
BIO383Current Topics in Cell Biology
BIO383Topics in Membrane Biology
BIO381KCellular and Molecular Basis of Neuro Development
BIO382KBiology for Big Data Scientists
BIO382KCell Membrane Trafficking
BIO383KMembrane Trafficking in Eukaryotic Cells
BIO383KTopics in Membrane Biology
BIO384KPhylogenetic Perspectives
BIO394MTumor Biology
BIO391PAdvanced Virology
BIO394MAdvanced Immunology
BIO395HCell Biology
BIO395JMolecular Biology
BIO395JGenes/Genome/Gene Expression
BME382JBiological Membranes and Cell Interfaces: Principles and Applications
BME385JClinical Cardiology
CH391Macromolecular Chemistry
CHE384Quantitative Analysis of Cell and Molecular Biology
CHM394Structure and Function of Proteins and Nucleic Acids
CH395Cell Biology
CSE397Pathology and Epidemiology of Cardiovascular Disease
GS071113Microbial Physiology
KIN395Advanced Exercise Physiology
KIN395Cardiovascular Responses and Adaptations to Exercise
KIN395Human Cardiovascular/Autonomic Physiology
ME391Cardiovascular Pathology
ME397Clinical Cardiology
ME397Pathology and Epidemiology of Cardiovascular Disease
NEU380GVisual Neuroscience
NEU381NBasic Processes of Nerve Cells
NEU382Cellular Neuroscience
NEU383CFunctional Neuroanatomy
NEU385LAddiction Neuroscience
NEU385LIon Channels
NEU385LNeurobiology of Disease
NEU382TPrinciples of Neuroscience
NEU386DMultivariate Pattern Analysis
NEU394PIntroduction to Sensory-Motor Systems
NEU394PNeurobiology of Learning and Memory
NEU394PCurrent Topics in Behavioral Neuroscience
NTR390Molecular Nutritional Sciences
PGS380FBiomedical Pharmacology
PGS384LBiochemistry and Molecular Toxicology
PGS388CEnzyme Catalysts, Mechanisms and Applications
PGS388KMolecular Mechanisms and Methods in Nutrition and Cancer
PHR391Advanced Pharmaceutics
PHY382PBiophysics & Biological Physics
PSY387SPrinciples of Cognitive Neuroscience
PSY380EVision Systems
PSY394UIntroduction to Sensory Motor Systems
SLH391QAnatomy & Physiology of the Auditory System