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To All Spring


2019 Graduates

Congratulations on your graduation! Your McCombs technology resources (email, lab access, support) change upon your graduation. Read on to find out what changes and how to prevent data loss. We also recommend you read the the Graduation FAQ page page, which answers common graduation questions.

When you graduate, your McCombs account (MSB Account), and everything tied to it, will be deleted to make room for new students. This means that you no longer have a mailbox on the McCombs Office365 tenant or access to McCombs computer labs. You receive lifetime email forwarding, so you will not lose email and can continue sharing your McCombs address as long as you want.

Full-time regular MBA students: When the semester ends, you will no longer be eligible for a mailbox in the Austin Office 365 tenant. Please plan to lose access immediately to your mailbox as soon as you no longer have current student status.

Things you lose when you lose your current student status:

  • McCombs MailboxAustin Office 365 mailbox (if applicable)
  • Access to McCombs Computer Labs
  • Access to SWAT Shop
  • Your account
  • Your UTexas.Box.Com files.

Dates you should know:

Now through
May 510, 20172019

Set up your email forwarding before leaving for the semester*, then backup anything important in your mailbox

 May 26, 2017

University marks students as graduated, McCombs mailboxes will be removed the following week, and if you have an Austin Office 365 mailbox, backup anything you want to keep

 May 24, 2019

Official end of the semester. You no longer have current student status after this date.

* You can forward your email at any time, but if you wait until after your account is deleted you will miss email sent between the account deletion and when forwarding takes effect. Mailboxes should be backed up You are responsible for backing up your mailbox before account deletion.

Essential steps to prepare for graduation:

  1. Claim your your UT-Mail account, or setup another email account you intend to use after you leave McCombs.
    Log into Outlook Web Access and begin forwarding your McCombs email to your post-graduation address.

  2. Set up email forwarding in MOR before before May 510. (instructions Email forwarding)
    If you have an Austin Office 365 mailbox, completing this step , you will ensure that email sent to your McCombs email address is properly forwarded after your McCombs mailbox is deleted by our ITS system admins after May 2924.

    If you did not set up forwarding by by May 510, set it up as soon as possible.

  3. If you did not already backup have an Austin Office 365 mailbox, log into Outlook Web Access and begin forwarding your McCombs email to your post-graduation address.

  4. If you have an Austin Office 365 mailbox, backup your entire mailbox or save or forward any important emails you want to keep , then you should do so by May 26by May 24.(Windows - Mac)

Other recommended steps:

1. Buy any software you want to keep from the Campus Computer Store. If you have not already bought the latest version of Windows and Office, this is a great opportunity to get them at a low price.

2. If you downloaded anti-virus software from Bevoware, remove it and install new anti-virus software. (instructions)3. If you use Outlook personal folders, find out where they are saved. (instructions)

43. Back up your files to a USB drive, DVD, CD, or external hard drive (because it’s always a good idea). Do not back up to a UT or McCombs provided resource. (instructions)

54. Set up your alternate email address (the one your McCombs mail is forwarded to) to send from your McCombs account, if your alternate email account allows this. (instructions)

Need help?

If you have any questions about the changes in your McCombs technology resources, or if you need assistance completing any of the steps above, contact the SWAT Shop.


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