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Copy a single file to your $SCRATCH/data/test1 directory from the server named, using the user account corengstools. When prompted for a password, use the one we have written on to the board Zoom chat (or copy/paste the password from this file: $CORENGS/tacc/gapdhdragonfly_access.txt)

Code Block
titlesingle remote file copy with scp
mkdir -p $SCRATCH/data/test1
cat $CORENGS/tacc/gapdhdragonfly_access.txt
scp ./data/test1/
ls ./data/test1


  • The tilde ( ~ ) at the start of the path means "relative to my home directory"
  • We traverse through the BioITeam symbolic link created in your home directory earlier.We use the same tilde ( ~ ) in the destination to traverse the scratch symbolic link in your home directory.


  • .

Code Block
titlersync (remote directory)
rsync -ptlrvPavWP ~/scratch/data/custom_tracks/



No, because all the source files were already present in the destination directory (you copied the same files earlier) with the same timestamps and file checksums. So rsync had nothing to do!