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Large .RData files can be extremely slow to load from both R and R Studio Server. If you must save R data this way, consider renaming the .RData file to a different name so that it can be loaded explicitly only when needed, instead of always when R is invoked.

Disk quota exceeded

Another type of problem can arise when a user's 100 GB Home directory quota has been exceeded. This can produce errors when trying to start R Studio Server or R, perform work in R, or even install additional packages. Users will often (but not always) see an error like the following:

Code Block
cannot create file'/stor/home/abattenh/output.tsv', reason 'Disk quota exceeded

If this issue arises, you should Contact Us to help relocate some of your Home directory contents to your Work or Scratch area. Just moving them yourself does not resolve the problem because Home directories have frequent snapshots taken that preserve copies of deleted files, and it requires a systems administrator to remove these snapshots (see Home directories for more information).

This issue can arise because R's default input/output directory is the user's home directory – but large files should not be stored or created there due to the 100 GB quota. Instead, R processing of large files should take place in the user's Work or Scratch area (e.g. /stor/work/<user's group name> or /stor/scratch/<user's group name>; users can find out which group(s) they belong to by typing the groups command on the command line). Users can navigate to Work or Scratch area directories using R's setwd function or using R Studio Server's file browser (e.g. via "Session" menu → "Set Working Directory" → "Choose Directory", or when a new R Project is created). Note that R Studio Server's file browser dialog will default to the user's Home directory, and the full path of the desired Work or Scratch area must be typed in.