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LAITS Self Service Overview

The Jamf Self Service for macOS is found within LAITS Self Service. This dashboard allows users to browse and install applications and Mac App Store apps, run helpful tasks, and open eBooks, PDFs, and bookmarks without requiring an administrator password.

titleTable of Contents

Table of Contents

Where can I find LAITS Self Service?

  1. Navigate to the Applications Folder
  2. Look for the LAITS logo on your dock or in your Applications folder to find LAITS Self Service on your Mac. 

  3. LAITS Self Service should be listed alphabetically in the Applications folder on your Mac:     

  4. You can open LAITS Self Service it by double-clicking the icon.

    LAITS Logo
    LAITS Logo

LAITS Self Service via LaunchPad

The LAITS Self Service application can also be opened using LaunchPad. Click on the icon in Launchpad to open Self Service.

LaunchPad can be located with the Finder.


Self Service contains several applications, helpful tasks, and other tools. They are listed by category and the categories serve as a filter to help find the application you need.

Some applications or policies may appear in multiple categories. We will review the various categories below. 

All Category

When opening Self Service, the application starts in the "All" category – this lists everything except Bookmarks. 

Bookmarks Category

Our "Bookmarks" is listed at the top, but is not the default category. It lists several helpful links for our customers, including links to open a support ticket, start a support chat session, look at our wiki and more.

Featured Category

The "Featured" category lists the standard set of applications we install for our customers. Jamf Check-in is particularly helpful as it runs a quick scan of your computer so our computer support team can have the latest details about your computer when assisting you.

Developer Category

Our "Developer" category lists tools specific to customers that need access to data-analysis or development software.

Printers Category

LAITS-managed printers can be found and installed with one click via the "Printers" category.

  • Choose "Install" and this will install all printer drivers and the printer connection for you to select and print.

Remote Work Category

The "Remote Work" category lists essential tools needed to work from home.

Software Category

Our "Software" category serves as a catch-all for our software offerings. 

  • Choose "Install" to install the software to your computer.

Tools Category

The "Tools" category lists policies and tools.

Searching Self Service

You can use the search bar on the top left of the Self Service app to look for an application.

App or Policy Descriptions

Clicking on the icon of a policy in Self Service will bring up the description for said policy.

Monthly Updates

LAITS sends updates for our standard set of software every month. These updates allow customers to take advantage of any new features released by the developer as well as protect against any discovered vulnerabilities. You will see a number badge next to the Self Service app. This means you have pending updates. It is best for customers to update themselves to avoid unwanted interruptions.