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Plug your headphones in to hear the mix.

This mixer does not go to the speakers.

Output goes to the video recorders and the streaming device

Next make sure LR is Selected - Lit up Blue

Choose what bank of Inputs you want to use.

"Layers A = Channels or Inputs 1-16"

"Layers B = Channels or Inputs 17-24 and Yellow,

Red, Blue and Green Wireless mics

Audience and Crestron L and Right 

You can plug in mics to the Stage Snake


They will come up on the board with the same input number

Example plug a mic into 15

Go to Layer A and push the slider up on input 15

Also make sure the Master Fader is at 0

Press the Meters button to see all the input meters

You can also see levels on

You can also see levels on the mixer meter

If you want to use the Wireless Lavalier Mics

They are located in the locker under the tired seating

Make sure they have new batteries and turn them on

Press Layer B

Lavs are channels 25-28

Turn up the fader for the channel you want to use and the

Master Fader to set audio levels

Last note if you want to apply Preamp or EQ

Press Select on the channel you want to apply 

When you hit Select the PreAmp settings here

Left side of the mixer

EQ setting adjustments here

Right side of the mixer

You will see levels on the program input display as well

as the 

Blackmagic Hyperdeck Recorders