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Follow these instructions for BOTH Managed Software Updates then "All other PC's". Note depending on the network you are on just following the Managed Software Updates screenshot instructions will not work.

titleInstructions before updates were available

Computers installed and configured by CNS IT:

We will be disabling the Spooler Service as a policy that will automatically adjust the Print Spooler Service on your computer. Please run through the following to make sure that the policy has successfully disabled your Print Spooler Service.

Computers that weren't set up and configured by CNS IT:

Since CNS IT doesn't remotely manage your computer, here are some steps you can follow to manually disable the Print Spooler Service on your Windows device.

  1. Open the Services snap-in.

    1. You can find it by searching for 'Services' in the bar next to the Start menu (Windows 10) or at the bottom of the start menu (Windows 7).
    2. Run the Services snap-in as administrator, on the right side of the Start screen (Windows 10) or by right-clicking (Windows 7 and some custom Windows 10 layouts).
    3. If prompted for administrator access, enter administrator account credentials if you have them.
      Open the services snap-in.
  2. Find the Print Spooler Service, right-click it, select to Properties.

  3. Press Stop in the Properties window to stop the Spooler Service.

  4. Set the startup type to disabled to make sure the Service won't start again when you reboot.

  5. Make sure you Press Apply and OK before you close the Services window.