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Students use My Tuition Bill to pay tuition each semester or to confirm attendance if tuition is paid on behalf of the student. This page refers to information about the updated tuition bill system that went into effect in July 2021. Review the attached Tuition Bill Help Guide for assistance. 

If you have questions about your tuition bill, please contact 

My Tuition Bill Gets a New Look:

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What's New? 

Effective July 2021, students may elect to pay their tuition bills directly from fellowship or scholarship funds. This functionality was not available in the previous tuition bill system. 


If you are scheduled to receive a fellowship in the upcoming semester, it will show up on your tuition bill as "Available Financial Aid and Scholarships." If you are a BME PhD student and expect for your tuition to be paid through your GRA , or TA position, or a fellowship, you should not apply fellowship funds to your tuition bill. As in the past, you should wait until your Current Balance is zero and confirm attendance. Any available financial aid and scholarships listed will be disbursed to you on the appropriate payment schedule. 


No, unfortunately we cannot reverse the application of fellowship funds to your tuition bill. If you mistakenly apply funds to your tuition bill, you will receive a refund after your bill is paid in full by other sources. This could take additional time and may mean that your fellowship will not pay out as originally scheduled.