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How to use this wiki: We have designed this wiki to have an online class structure and sets of prescribed steps.  Start by clicking on Step 1 below and make sure you've reviewed it completely before moving to Step 2.  We would like all teachers to complete all four steps first before emailing questions or asking for 1-on-1 help.  Ideally, all of your questions can be answered in this wiki.  If not, please email Media Services via the email below so we can address the issue or point you to that training.  If additional training needs to be created, we'll do so ASAP and post it on this wiki. Please continue now to Step 1 

After you finish all four steps, what’s next? 

It's time to practice!  We recommend you find a faculty buddy, TA, or even a willing student to practice and test things out with you.  Remember that you can change a TA's role in Canvas to "student" or add another teacher in Canvas as a "student" to do a more realistic test.


Video Instructions MSB Zoom Rooms
Video Instructions MSB Zoom Rooms
Zoom Rooms -Video Instructions on Connecting to McCombs Zoom Rooms

Please watch the video pertaining to the MSB building that your class is located in for a quick tutorial on how to use the Zoom rooms.

Zoom Room Scheduling Instructions


Student Emergency Services

Student Emergency Services provides assistance, intervention, and referrals to support students navigating challenging or unexpected issues that impact their well-being and academic success.

Personal Emergency Situations

In an instance of family emergency, medical or mental health concern, or academic difficulty due to crisis or an emergency situation please have your students visit:

Emergency Tech Support

UT Student Emergency Services at one point was providing emergency tech support to students who needed a computer, phone, or high-speed internet to access remote classes.  If your students need such assistance still, please have them get more details and submit a request at:


UT Remote Teaching One-on-One Help

If you need one-on-one help, UT is offering remote office hours. Please visit the UT Canvas team Remote Teaching Resources page

This site has a large collection of remote teaching tutorials as well as webinar training courses. You may register for UT Canvas team Zoom webinars on topics such as GradeScope, Proctorio Remote Proctoring, Zoom User Training, and more




Still need help? 

For McCombs faculty, please contact Media Services via email or phone:

For all other UT faculty, please contact your respective college or school

The McCombs School of Business Media Services department is responsible for fulfilling the school's needs for a wide range of services including asynchronous and synchronous eLearning, custom-created smart classrooms, hallway video signage, equipment checkout, videotaping services, video conferencing and graphic printing. We strive to make the McCombs School a leader in technology-enhanced learning environments.

Get Support 







512-232-6679 (2-6679 on campus)


Visit one of our Help Desks - RRH or GSB

More Information:

Zoom Quick Start Guide

This is a guide for the installation and basic usage of Zoom, our preferred online collaboration solution. UT has purchased a Zoom site license that covers all faculty, staff and students. Each license allows for 300 simultaneous connections (online participants) and lecture capture (class recording).  For the 50+ UT Austin classes requiring 500 or more or 1000 or more online participants, the license for these instructors will be adjusted on the backend of Canvas by the Canvas Administrators and nothing will need to be done by the instructor regarding class sizing.

Zoom for Remote Teaching

To begin using Zoom download the Zoom client and sign in with the account provided to you by UT.

These links will assist you in becoming familiar with Zoom:

  • Here is a step-by-step page to get started Getting started on Mac and PC
  • There is a collection of video tutorials that cover basic and advanced Zoom features
  • There are daily Live Training Webinars available that you may register to attend. These webinars demonstrate Zoom’s abilities and give you a picture of what a student in an online class would experience. Previously recorded webinars are also available if you would like to watch them without participating
  • Zoom has an extensive FAQ section where you may find answers to specific questions and the Zoom search field is very powerful on their support site
  • If Zoom does not seem to be working correctly you can check the Zoom Service Status page. This page will give you information about whether the service is experiencing disruptions. Due to the sudden load on Zoom from the many colleges and businesses shifting to online collaboration, there may be occasional outages
  • For more advanced users there are virtual break-out rooms that you can utilize during class.
  • If you encounter settings or features that are grayed out or get a “No permission. (number)” message, UT has not yet configured that feature for our site license. You may email VC-Trouble@mccombs.utexas.eduto have your issue brought up for consideration by UT. However, do not expect an immediate fix as feature requests can take some time to activate or implement

Quick Connect for Zoom - Very Quick Setup

  1. Create an account at Zoom.US. Click on "SIGN UP, IT’S FREE"
  2. You should receive an account activation email and a link to the application. Download and install Zoom for Meetings application
  3. Sign in to the Zoom application on your computer
  4. Click on the New Meeting icon on the Home Page to start a New Meeting and try out different Zoom features. End Meeting
  5. Click on the Schedule icon on the Home Page to schedule a class/meeting
  6. Change the Topic of the Meeting to reflect your Class Name, Day and Time
  7. Deselect Require Password.
  8. Select Host Video On
  9. Select Other Calendars
  10. Click on Schedule
  11. Copy schedule information and paste it into your appropriate class in Canvas and share the Join Zoom Meeting link with your class

Zoom Quick Start Guide - McCombs