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There are not any microphones in the room.  We recommend the following mics:

Neumann TLM 103 or U87

Audio Technica 4050 or 4033

Here is a wiki on setting up and recording with these microphones.

Make sure that the thunderbolt to the AVID HD Native

is plugged in should be two thunderbolt cables one going to the Blackmagic Intensity and one going to the AVID

HD Native thunderbolt box

Make sure the XLR cable is plugged into channel 2 channel 1 has a slight noise problem but channel 2 is clean

Go to the
>Apple>System Preferences

Go to the Blackmagic Design setting

Click on Blackmagic Design Intensity Extreme settings button

Set the following settings in this frame grab


Default Video standard as HD 720p 60

Open ProTools

by clicking on the Applications folder and choosing Pro Tools

Create a blank session, name it and pick a place to save it

Choose Type - Session (local)

Choose a .wav file type

Sample rate 48

Bit Depth 24

I/O last used

Click on Location to navigate to where you want to save the project

Save to tempstorage or your storage drive

Choose Open

Then choose Create

when protools is open

Go to Setup>Playback Engine

Make sure it is set to HD Native Thunderbolt

If it is not then make sure that the thunderbolt to the AVID HD Native

is plugged in.

Try restarting computer too

Choose the menu labeled: Track>New...

or press Command Shift N

Create: 1

new: Mono, Audio Track

in: Samples

Click on the "Edit Window View Selector" dropdown in the Edit window.

If you're in the mix window, press Command = to toggle to the Edit window.

Choose I/O

I/O will now have a check mark next to it.
You can now see the I/O column on your track in the Edit Window.
Click and hold the input drop down.
Choose Interface A2 from the input drop down.

Click and hold the output drop down.

Choose Stereo Monitor (Stereo) --> Stereo Monitor.

This allows you to hear that track's output through this system's speakers.

If you opened a previous session and need to hear other tracks playback through this system, then make sure their outputs are set like this as well.

Your I/O section should look like this.

Use these buttons to select a source to listen to:

If you want to hear ProTools, then the button labeled ProTools needs to be pushed in and the red light illuminated.

If you want to hear Avid, then the button labeled Avid needs to be pushed in and illuminated.

You can leave them both pressed and illuminated.

Use this knob for Control Room Speaker Volume.

Adjusting this knob will not affect the record level in Pro Tools. This knob only adjusts how loud the playback in the control room is.

Also make sure monitor A is selected on the MONITOR SELECT

Use the top knob (Phones 1) to control the sound booth headphones volume.

Use the bottom jack and corresponding knob (Phones 2) for control room headphones…if you happen to bring some with you.

If the booth is not receiving audio then this button may be in the wrong position.

Make sure it is in the "INPUT SOURCE(S)" position or UP.

Push this button to select either CR (Control Room) or push again to toggle to HP.

Make sure CR is set to 00.

Next, Import the video into the project

Choose Import Video

Turn on the two Dell Monitors. 1 in sound booth and 1 in control room

Navigate to the video file that you want to view in the ProTools session

Choose to import at Session Start

You do not have to choose "Import audio from file"

Choose to enable the Video Engine

Click Yes

Plug your mic into the booth.

There are not any microphones in the room.  We recommend the following mics:

Neumann TLM 103 or U87

Audio Technica 4050 or 4033

Here is a wiki on setting up and recording with these microphones.


Connect Mic and Headset in the Sound Booth for Audio talent

To eliminate headphone latency while recording, you can turn on

"Low Latency Monitoring"

from the Options menu

The track you want to record to should be "record enabled"

If levels are going into red then turn down P1 on HD OMNI hardware.

If levels are low in just the green, turn up P1 on the HD OMNI hardware.

Push the knob like a button to select between adjusting P1 or P2.

P1 = Ch1 and P2 =Ch2

Once "record enabled," you should be able to see levels coming into ProTools on the input meter.

Click and drag to select a portion you want to record.

Click REC then click PLAY to start recording.

Push and hold this button to talk back to talent in booth

This is where the talkback Mic is located

If you did not start your project on your external drive, then you will need to SAVE it to your drive when you're finished with your session.

To consolidate your files when you are finished recording you need to save them on to your hard drive.

Go to >File>Save Session Copy In

The next menu will come up and choose the "Session Format" allowing you to choose the current version running or a previous version of the software. 
Make sure that "Copy Audio Files & Session Plug-In Settings Folder" and "Copy Root Plug-In Settings Folder" boxes are checked. 
Notice what is not checked and leave them unchecked.
Choose where you want to save the session copy and audio files 

Also title the new session file in the "Save As" box