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  • Upgrade your EID

    • You should already have claimed a UT EID when you applied for employment. You may have also upgraded your UT EID during orientation. If you have not done so, then, please follow these EID upgrade instructions. An upgraded EID means you have verified your identity and also granted legal signature authority to your EID. An upgraded EID is needed to make payments to What I Owe, and access other services that work with sensitive data.
    • If you forgot your EID or need to change its password, please see the EID self help page.
  • Set up Duo
    • If you have not already installed Duo on your mobile device and configured it for multi-factor authentication, then plase follow these Duo setup instructions. If you already set up Duo and just need to add or remove a new mobile device or change your settings, you can go directly to the Duo registration portal.
  • Set up utexas Wi-Fi access
    • For Wi-Fi networking on campus, students, faculty, and staff are required to use the utexas Wi-Fi and not utguest, which is only for visitors. Utexas Wi-Fi requires you to log onto the network using your EID; utguest does not. You can follow these Wi-Fi setup instructions to configure your laptop and mobile device to use utexas and forget utguest. If you accidentally use utguest while on campus you will not be able to access some important UT online services, and your connection to the Internet will be much slower.
  • Set up university email
    • Set Office 365 email address
      • You should already have had an Office 365 mailbox automatically created for you prior to your first day of employment. It's default email address takes the form (firstname).(lastname)
    • Update official email address
      • As an employee, you are required to use a university provided email address to conduct all university business and list a university email address in the directory. You can update your official email address if needed in Workday.
    • For more information about this email policy please see Complying with Policy on Official Work Email Addresses.
  • Install Software
    • Most software you need should already be installed on your computer. If you need additional software please submit a support request.
  • Configure file storage base don what your department uses
    • One Drive
    • Box
  • Checkout online apps