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The author/copyright owner decides if their work in TSW is published or made available on other online platforms. Works are not exclusive to TSW. See the Copyright and Licensing Policy for more information.

TSW uses DSpace software which supports a simple hierarchy structure of Communities and Collections. Communities hold Collections, and Collections hold digital works. There are also roles associated with the Community/Collection hierarchy.

Each Collection of works will meet these requirements:

  • Be part of a Community.
  • Accept digitally formatted works. Print materials can sometimes be digitized and added to TSW. Please contact the Repository Curator if you have questions.
  • Determine the Collection's required and optional metadata fields; see the Metadata Policyfor  for more information.
  • Determine the Collection's submission workflow.
  • Create additional Collection policies as needed that do not conflict with TSW's umbrella policies: Texas ScholarWorks Services, Submission and Withdrawal, Collections, Metadata, Copyright, and Preservation.
  • Conduct short annual review with the TSW Repository Curatorto  to assess the Collection's usability and discoverability.


Each Collection is part of a Community, and the Collection Curator and/or Community Administrator will determine what constitutes appropriate works for submission. For general information on a specific Collection, please see below.