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Before you begin, you must have already purchased SPSS from the SDS TxShop here and received the email with the licensing Authorization Code. Annual v28 SPSS for WINDOWS Campus Edition Premium 2021-2022 - SPSS Statistics Annual License Fee. The Concurrent licenses are for computers that have multiple users, such as in a lab. For yourself, you'd need a license for each computer you'll want it on. PLEASE save this email in case we have to reinstall SPSS on your computer or if you get a new computer.

  1. Install SPSS and use your eid-admin account and eid password.
  2. if this is recent computer deployment and it fails, then you may have never changed your admin password when you first received your computer. ITO will have to assist you with this unless you still have your Zero-Touch instructions and the file that had your temporary password.
  3. once SPSS is installed go to the /Applications/Utilities/ folder and double-click on Terminal to launch it
  4. in the Terminal window, type su EID-admin, where EID is your EID, and hit return
  5. type your EID password and hit Return. you will not see anything on screen while you type it, for security reasons.
    if you enter it correctly, you will now be in your admin account inside the Terminal window. 
    if you did not enter it correctly, try the su command again.
  6. once successful, copy and paste this command in the terminal window

    sudo /Applications/IBM\ SPSS\ Statistics/Resources/Activation/licenseactivator <Authorization Code> 

    and hit return, where <Authorization Code> is the code that was sent to you via email when SPSS was purchased from SDS TxShop. Do not include the braces characters < >.
  7. Enter your password again to run the activator.
  8. Wait for the activation to finish successfully. It should say Authorization succeeded in the terminal window and get you back to the Terminal prompt.
    If the software was installed correctly and you knew your admin password, SPSS should now be activated and you can quit Terminal.
  9. Go to the folder /Applications/IBM\ SPSS\ Statistics/ and double-click SPSS to launch SPSS.
  10. Once it launches, you can slide it over from the middle of your Dock between the grey brackets, over to the left side of your Dock, so it will stay there and you can launch it via the Dock from now on.