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When you notice that the tracks are both the same highlighted color

like blue shown in this example

That means that the tracks are linked

To link and unlink

Press the track you would like to link/unlink

Press the odd numbered track because the tracks will link the 

tracks odd/even Ex: 1 will link with 2 and etc.

Then press Menu

Then press INPUTS & VCA

Use the Scroll / Adjust knob to scroll

The Menu will show the track (INPUT 09 SETUP for track 9)

Then scroll down to Type Mono is UNLINKED to any other tracks

Or choose Linked to link to the next track in the order

EX: track 9 will link to 10 automatically when Linked is enabled

When the tracks are linked they will show a highlighted color that matches the

linked track that it is linked to.

Also when you move one fader it will move the linked fader.

Note this only links faders not gain or pans FX etc.  So you can change those