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titleVoIP Project mailing list

Subscribe to the VoIP Project mailing list to receive project updates! To sign up, either:

  • Go to UT Lists and subscribe to the list "voip-project"
  • Send an email to with the following in the body of the email:
    • subscribe voip-project < Your Name >
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VoIP Project overview

The goal of the VoIP Project is to replace the university’s existing telephone system with a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)-based system. The new system has been purchased, and installation of the core was completed in Fall 2012. In Spring 2013, deployments will begin in buildings across campus. The deployment committee has decided to hire a contractor (Mutual Telecom Services, Inc.) for the majority of the in-building work in order to complete the deployment in approximately two years, thereby accelerating features and cost savings for units.

Please see the ITS project page at for more information.

Cost of service

  • For information on service costs, visit the Voice Services site.
  • Units will incur instrument, network, and staffing costs; initial deployment staffing will be provided by the contractor.
  • Financing will be available for the initial deployment.

Supported phone sets

Please see UT VoIP Phones for a comparison of supported VoIP desksets and available pricing.



  1. IT support staff technical meeting (slides):  Tuesday, November 27, ACES 2.302 (Avaya) (webcast follow link)
  2. Business Officer/administrative telephone billing contacts and coordination meeting (slides):  Thursday, November 29, ACES 2.302 (Avaya) (webcast follow link)
  3. Project status meeting (slides): Monday, July 15, POB 2.302 (Avaya) (webcast follow link)
  4. Project status meeting (slides): Tuesday, February 4, POB 2.302 (Avaya) (webcast follow link)