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UT’s new Voice Over IP (VoIP) phone system comes with its own integrated voice mail system, which has been re-branded “UT Voice Mail” (UTVM).  The information below will help you get started with basic login and setup tasks using your new UTVM mailbox.  Included are steps for popular customizations, help and support information and known issues. 

IMPORTANT CAVEAT:  This service does not work with Microsoft Teams Phone Service, which has its own built-in voice mail system.  If you sign up for that service your line is automatically removed from UT Voice Mail.

STEP 1 - Personalizing Your UT Voice Mail Box


Unlike in the previous phone system, you can implement and control the call-forward features used with voice mail: forward-no-answer and forward-busy.  Most customers use both, but some prefer to omit one or the other.  Once you’ve personalized your mailbox, you will need to follow these steps to start sending calls to it.  NOTE for those working from home:  The following procedures can be done using the Microsoft Teams Phone service:  This is a way to link your office phone to MS Teams and use an app on your cell phone or your home computer to make and receive calls on that line.   For more info, seeMicrosoft Teams Phone Service (right-click on the link to open in a new tab or window).

IMPORTANT:  The following steps should be done from the dial tone, so if you are still logged into your mailbox from Step 1 above, hang up.