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Comment: Reverted from v. 4


Go to COMM from Full Jamf Pro

Go to Computers


Click on New

Click on New

Choose GENERAL Settings
Category – Management, Tool or Security or whatever makes sense

Name the policy make sure it starts with COMM
Make sure the
Enabled box is checked
Enabled means the policy is enabled it won't run unless it is enabled – Disable if you do not want the policy to run


Choose Login

Recurring Check-in is the policy will run every 15 minutes till it's been run on that system

Check the box Automatically re-run policy on failure

Select Retry Event
On next recurring check-in

Pick the number of times to retry

Then scroll down to
>Local Accounts

Choose Configure

Choose Delete Account
Username for the account you are deleting

In this case we unchecked the home folder just needed the user account disabled and it worked fine

Check to delete the home directory if you'd like to remove it

Create New Account

User Name
Full Name

Image Added

Verify Password
Home Directory Location



Image Added

Password Hint

Click on Save in the lower right corner

Image AddedImage Removed

Next Click on Scope to add comptuers that are going to have the policy pushed to them

Choose Edit

Choose Selected Deployment Targets

Click on add

You will choose to add
>Computers for individual computers
>Computer Groups for adding smart groups of entire labs

To add a computer search and select the computer to add

To add a Computer Group find the computer group and click Add

Your targets have been selected and the show up as Targets

Then click on Save

To remove targets click Remove

Click on Show in Jamf Pro Dashboard to monitor the process

Click on the jamf home page to see the dashboard

The status will show up here.

Completed, Pending etc.