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How to Format the hard drive for the AJA KiPro

To format the hard drive, press the MEDIA button.

Using the SELECT up/down arrows, navigate to the MEDIA menu > Format Media.

Use the ADJUST up button to select FORMAT. Press the ADJUST up arrow button again. KiPro will display "ERASE". Press and hold the ADJUST up arrow button for 2 seconds or longer and then formatting will begin.


Once the media finishes formatting, the KiPro will display a completion confirmation.

Press stop to return to regular operation.

You can record in multiple formats of Apple ProRes using the KiPro recorder.  Using the Select button, you can adjust the quality Apple ProRes that the KiPro uses, and the total amount of media that can be fit onto the hard drive.  The KiPro's hard drive can hold 250GB of data.

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Apple ProRes data-rate
Apple ProRes data-rate