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Before shooting you will need to Calibrate the camera. This will help with noise in the final image. 

This step is very important, do this every time you start shooting and if you change locations with a temperature change of +/-30°F.

We will show you how to change this setting at the end of this Wiki.

First set camera to factory reset. To do so press MENU.

MENU is #2 in the picture.

Use the arrows to go highlight the maintenance page.

Arrows are #3 & #4 in the picture.

Maintenance page.

Click SEL to enter page.

SEL is #5 in the picture.

Then highlight FACTORY RESET Factory Reset and press SEL.

A message will pop up that it will delete all user settings and etc. Use the arrows to highlight Yes and click SEL.

Camera will restart and bring you to the Home menu Menu after initializing.

NOTE: Please allow sometime for this to happen.

After the reset a software license agreement will popup. Use the touch pad to click AGREE Agree.

Here are the recommended record settings. DON'T WORRY! We will show you how to change all of these settings.

Format: 6K 17:9

File Format: ProRes 

ProRes Resolution: 4K

ProRes Codec: ProRes 422 HQ

ProRes Color Profile: RWG/Log3G10

First we will change the File Format from the default.

First you will click MENU, then using the arrows highlight Project Settings. Then press SEL.

Next use the arrows to highlight File Format and then press SEL.

Then arrow down to ProRes and press SEL twice.

A message will popup. Use the arrows to highlight Yes and press SEL.NOTE: This will delete everything on the memory card, so make sure to back up ALL of your footage before hand.

Now go back to the Project Settings page and use the arrows to scroll down ProRes Resolution.

Confirm that it is set to 4K. If not, change the setting to 4K.

While in Project Settings, scroll down to ProRes Codec.

Confirm that it is set to ProRes 422 HQ. If not, change the setting to ProRes 422 HQ.

Next scroll down to ProRes Color Profile.

Confirm that it is set to RWG/Log3G10If not, change the setting to RWG/Log3G10.

Now you MUST Calibrate the camera. This is going to calibrate the camera's black levels.

Do this with the camera at room temperature wherever you are filming.

If you change locations with a +/-30°F temperature change you MUST re-calibrate the camera to reduce the camera noise.

To Calibrate calibrate the camera press MENU and scroll down to Maintenance and press SEL.

Once you enter the page scroll to Calibrate and press SEL.

A message will popup about how to calibrate the camera. You MUST put a lens cap on the lens before calibrating.

Once you've done so press OK.

NOTE: Please allow up to 10 minutes for this step.

Next you will want to turn on peaking. This will help you get focus! 

First you will go to the Monitoring Menu.

Then go to the Tools menu.

Then go to the Peaking menu.

Then you will press the red switch and Enable Peaking.

This will give you a cyan outline around things that are in focus. 

NOTE: This outline is not baked into the file. But is just a tool for you to be able to see what's in focus easier. 

Congratulations! At this point the camera should be set up. Now just go to the Home menu and you can start shooting.

There is one thing to note. This is shooting in Log and WILL need to be color corrected in post.

You will notice that there is a Monitor LUT on the camera by default, this is to help you set proper exposure while in the field. 

Your footage will not have the LUT baked inSo the color WILL look washed out when you ingest your footage.