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Frequently Asked Questions

Note: The DELIVERABLES TABLE is your promise to TxDOT to send them products and reports based on the results of your work. 

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Products are the way the Texas Legislature measures our performance. Products produced during funded research show that TxDOT and UT are using research funds effectively. You must produce products and we must document them to TxDOT by submitting the product or a letter documenting it to RTI, who report to the Texas Legislature.

3. How do I define the products for my project?

Check the section in the Problem Statement called "products and reports."

4. What comments belong in the products sections on my Deliverables Table?

Let TxDOT know how the product will be delivered. EXAMPLE: "In Report 1; as training (when and where, if known), on CD-ROM." The product cannot be delivered in the PSR.

5. What items belong in the bottom section of my Deliverables Table?

Technical reports and Project Summary Reports

6. What is a technical report?

See CTR report guidelines.

7. What is a Project Summary Report?


Technical memos, quarterly reports, and any other non-research written documents that you intend to turn in directly to the Project Director during meetings, via email, or as slide presentations. Progress reports and items intended for the Project Director directly should be stated in the Tasks section of your proposal. NOTE anything of importance done during the course of your research must be documented in your official, printed report or reports.

9. What is the minimum required items for a Deliverables Table?

Deliverables Table must contain at least 1 product, 1 comprehensive report, and one PSR. See your problem statement for specifics; you may add any product or report that is appropriate to document what you are going to do.

10. On joint projects with other agencies: who is responsible for the deliverables?

Do not fail to state which college is responsible for each item on the Deliverables Table. NOTE: TxDOT holds the lead institute responsible for all deliverables.

11. Please explain the Deliverables Table due dates.

All items on the Deliverables Table must be delivered to TxDOT — through CTR– within 60 days of project termination. For most projects, this means 10/31/FY. Some deliverables may be due earlier in the project cycle, but all products are due no later than last day of the project and all reports and PSRs are due no later than 60 days from project termination. NOTE: the CTR production department is required under contract to TxDOT (under CTR Projects 0-9803 and 5-9803) to edit all draft reports and return them to the authors for editing and correction. The CTR production department requires time to edit and authors need time to make corrections. Please send draft reports and products to CTR in time to be processed, printed, and sent to TxDOT by their due date. 10/31 is not the day to turn in a draft to CTR; this is the day that the document is likely to be due to the sponsor. Please turn documents in as early as possible to assure timely delivery to the sponsor.

12. How can I make a modification to the Deliverables Table?

During an active project, based on Project Director approval, you may modify the Deliverables Table, add/remove items and change due dates. A good time to review the need for a modification is when you do the Semi-Annual Report (SAR). NOTE: Telling about Deliverables Table changes in the SAR does not legally modify your project or constitute Project Director approval. Follow up the SAR with an official modification of the project—if this is not done, when the project terminates, it will have an inaccurate Deliverables Table, which can lead to problems.