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Frequently Asked Questions


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Products are the way the Texas Legislature measures our performance. Products produced during funded research show that TxDOT and UT are using research funds effectively. You must produce products and we must document them to TxDOT by submitting the product or a letter documenting it to RTI, who report to the Texas Legislature.


2. What is a Project Summary Report?

The PSR is a user-friendly summary of "what you did, what you found, and what you recommend" with regard to your research. See color handout. This short report is written after the final, comprehensive report. It is about 1500-2500 words and it must include at least one graphic element. It is submitted in Word as a prelim, then the CTR report department creates the color brochure when TxDOT approves the report. CTR and TxDOT post these reports on their Web sites.


3. What does NOT belong on the Deliverables Table?

Technical memos, quarterly reports, and any other non-research written documents that you intend to turn in directly to the Project Director during meetings, via email, or as slide presentations. Progress reports and items intended for the Project Director directly should be stated in the Tasks section of your proposal. NOTE anything of importance done during the course of your research must be documented in your official, printed report or reports.