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  1. Fax-only account:  This can be set up on a VoIP line without a telephone set. 
  2. Fax-only line linked to your own voice mailbox; i.e., one mailbox with two phone numbers:  One number presents the call with a fax tone; the other prompts the caller to leave a voice message. 
  3. Add fax capability to any regular voice mailbox; i.e., one mailbox on one phone number but capable of receiving both voice messages and faxes.  Caveat:  With CAVEATS:  (1) With this option, every caller will hear a menu with options to press 1 to leave a voice message or press 2 to send a fax.  (2) The sending fax machine must have a handset to select the fax option.
  4. Forward faxes to email address:  Subscribers using any of the options above may wish to set the "notification with attachment" option in Settings to forward faxes to an email address.  Faxes are in TIFF format by default, but your voice mail administrator can adjust the forwarding process to convert them to PDF to improve quality.  Discuss this with your voice mail administrator (see below).