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  1. To activate this feature:  From the dial tone, dial *84 28886 and wait for the confirmation tone, then hang up and proceed to next step:
  2. IMPORTANT:  The default number of rings callers hear before forwarding to voice mail is sometimes set to 4, sometimes to 9.  To change the number of rings:  (NOTE: You must perform the above step (*84 28886) for the following to have any effect.)  From the dial tone, dial *33 followed by any number of rings from 2 to 9, wait for the confirmation tone, then hang up.  For example, to set your phone to forward after 2 rings, dial *332.  NOTE: This is the number of rings the caller will hear; the number you hear on your set may vary depending on the type of set you have.  The ring cycle for callers is 6 seconds per ring.