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  1. Dial the access number 512 232-8886 (UTVM); on campus, dial 2-8886.
  2. Enter the mailbox number and press #.
  3. Enter the default PIN (1111) and press #.
  4. Listen to the introductory prompt and follow the simple instructions to create a new PIN. Once you create a PIN, the mailbox is initialized.
  5. The system prompts you to record your personal greeting. Wait for the beep and record the greeting callers will hear when they access the mailbox. When you finish recording, press #.
  6. UTVM repeats the recording for your review and offers options to accept or re-record the greeting or to press * to exit.
  7. After saving your greeting, the tutorial notifies you that you have completed the steps to set up the mailbox and plays options for changing the greeting or the PIN for the account.

If your greeting-only line is a virtual lane (not associated with a telephone set), then your Voice Mail Administrator will have already programmed the line to forward calls directly to voice mail.

If your greeting-only mailbox is associated with a telephone instrument, you will need to follow the steps under Forwarding Calls to Voice Mail.

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