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To configure Media-Store mode:

Press MENU.

Press the SYSTEM Wipe Pattern button.

Press NEXT until Media is displayed.

Use the Media knob to select the

Media-Store mode.
You can choose
from the following:

Turn knob so that the first setting is set to Dual not Tall

Press the Media knob to save your selection.

Press the Confrm knob to commit the change. If it is already set to Dual then don't do anything else

USB Stick must be Fat 32 formatted

Images must be 24-bit or 32-bit (24-bit image plus

8-bit embedded alpha channel) Targa files.

Save Graphics as 1920 x 1080

Animations must be Targa sequences, a collection of

individual image files (one file per animation frame).

See DAVID's wiki doc on how to save lower thirds

How to create lower thirds


See how to create Graphics for use in the Still Store

Insert USB Stick into the crossover switcher

Access the crossover control unit by removing the protective cover on the front of the unit.  The black handles release the cover.

On the right-hand side of the unit, around the corner from the power switch is a USB port.

Image Added

On the switcher select a source to assign the still store > Have to hold down "Shift" and the input on the KEY/AUX bus
EX: her press "Shift Input 7

Press the button to navigate the menus and select USB and then turn the knob to locate the correct .tga file to use as a key. Press or Push to load it

Push the button to browse the USB stick - Turn the knob to browse the USB

When you find the file press the USB stick


Choose the key to use press Autoselect>Key 1, 2 or 3 and then select "Shift Input 8" or whatever source the media store is using as a source


Press source on the aux/key bus

You can change the following settings as well to get a good key

May have to press the key input again on the key bus