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The University's Executive Compliance Committee (ECC) has made a policy change that requires all commodity servers to be physically or virtually located in the University Data Center.   Such a change helps to address a number of risks that the committee has been monitoring over the years. More details on the policy change can be found at:



MySQL is an open source relational database management system (RDBMS). It is commonly used for database services for other open source and web applications.


  • 1 gigabyte of storage space on the central MySQL database servers.
  • Daily Backups with two week retention.
  • Ability to safely store Category-I data in databases.
  • Access to phpMyAdmin and the MySQL command line client for database management and administration.
  • Access to the ITS Systems MySQL team for advice and troubleshooting.
  • Access to commercial MySQL support via the ITS Systems MySQL team.


The MySQL database service is available at no cost for departments for up to six named databases. Additional named databases can be purchased in quantities of six for an additional $150 per year. Additional storage space is $7 per gigabyte per year.


A directory service is a system system that stores, organizes and provides access to information in a directory.  It allows the look-up of values given a name, similar to a dictionary.   In a directory, a name may be associated with multiple, different pieces of information.


Note: Custom domains or alias are being investigated.   Academic staff (TA, GRAs, etc) could potentially be included.   This is not a "for life" email account.   The email account will be processed for deletion when university affiliation no longer exists.   Permanent forwarding of email is also being investigated.


For students, this does not include UT Mail (via Google).Exceptions can be made for faculty who have departed from the university, depending on their continued interaction with the department, university, or status (e.g. Emeritus).