You need editor access to create a question in Quest. If you do not see the link to the editor in the top right corner of the main course page, simply send us an email to request authorization.

If you already have been granted editor access and still don't see this icon in your upper right hand view, please clear your internet browser's cache, fully close out of all browsers, and try again.

When creating a new question you need to give it a good name. Keep in mind the following things when choosing a name:

  • Names have to be unique (you won't be able to create a question if the name already exists
  • Try to use something that is descriptive of the question.

Next select a type for your question

Multiple Choice

The simplest editor for creating multiple choice questions, answer choices are scrambled when assigned to students. Does not support randomization of parameters

Short AnswerTyped answers are counted correct if they contain keywords automatically graded
EssayAnswer can be typed directly or uploaded as a file. This is manually graded
HTML & JavaScriptUsed for creating randomized parameters with numerical free response or multiple choice answer types (supports matrix answer types) better for math

TeX & (C or JavaScript)

Most commonly used. Functions to create randomized parameters with numerical free response (template: 217915) or multiple choice answer types (template: 220433). Supports pstricks (dynamic visualizations) and is better for anything that requires pstricks or images.

TemplateUses an existing question ID as a template for your new question.

If you have a question that you like but would like to edit use the template option

After clicking on "create" the following will be a basic layout to what you'll see

At the top of the page is the name you designated when creating the question (for this example it is "New Question") along with the question ID (#219580) and the version number of the question (v.1).

The status of the question can be:

DraftA new version has been created, but a draft hasn't been saved yet.
Passed Audits & TeXA draft has been saved and the preview generated for reviewing.
Parameters GeneratedRandom versions have been created and is available to be published.

Published questions are "locked" from editing. Ready to be included in assignments

The next row is a series of tabs that provide various functions.

Tab NameFunctionality
MessagesMain dialogue box. Used to notify the user of any errors or updated status
Settingsleave this tab alone (please)
HistoryThe editing history of the item (i.e. earlier versions).

The banks the question is contained in.

Please add your question to other banks so the larger community can use your well thought out question.

TagsShows the tags associated with the item and allows more to be added.


Shows any comments about the item and whether the item is flagged. More about flagged questions here: Reporting an error in a question
ImagesHere you can upload images to be used in questions
ParametersAfter generating parameters (if applicable) the item versions of the question will appear