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General Information

Educational Psychology graduate students are often employed in a variety of settings on campus and in the community. Many students also obtain student loans, scholarships, and fellowships to finance their education. General information about Student Employment at UT can be found on the Graduate School's employment page.

Financial Aid, Fellowships, Awards

See the Graduate School Finances page for information and options for financial support.

Federal Financial Aid

All students receiving federal financial aid are subject to the "excessive hours" limitations of the Office of Student Financial Services. A Satisfactory Progress Appeal form must be filed and approved in order for you to receive federal financial assistance if you exceed 40 hours for a master's degree, or 160 hours for doctoral degree (without a master's) and 140 hours for a doctoral degree (with a master's - even if the master's degree is from another university, and regardless of how the degree was financed). In addition, there is a maximum amount students may receive from federal financial aid. More information is available via Texas One Stop.

Student Employment

The most common types of graduate student employment at UT are: Teaching Assistantships (TA), Assistant Instructor (AI), and Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) appointments.

Employment in EDP

The Department of Educational Psychology offers a number of student employee positions; positions are primarily available to EDP students in their second year and beyond. 

Eligibility Requirements

UT has strict rules about eligibility for student employment. Read these requirements carefully before applying: Office of Graduate Studies' Conditions for Student Employment

Applying for EDP Student Employment

TA: Teaching Assistants (TA)s generally assist with review sessions, grading, and classroom management. The university does not permit TAs to have instructional duties. Class listings for upcoming semesters can be viewed via the Course Schedule on the Registrar's page. 

If you are interested in working as an EDP TA, we recommend reaching out to your Area Chair or faculty supervisor to ask if there are any open opportunities. A good time to do so is immediately after the Course Schedule is published by the Registrar for the upcoming semester, as this is when that semester's schedule is finalized and you can see which courses are being offered as well as course days/times. 

EDP TAs with official appointments will be evaluated via TA-specific questions on Course Evaluations

AI: Assistant Instructors (AI)s serve as the primary instructor for a course, handling all instruction, grading, and classroom activities. They are assigned a faculty supervisor, who evaluates the student at the end of the semester, provides guidance when needed, and manages the course in case of emergency. Class listings for upcoming semesters can be viewed via the Course Schedule on the Registrar's page. 

If you are interested in working as an AI for a future semester, contact the faculty supervisor for the course:

  • EDP 304 Strategic Learning for the 21st Century - Dr. Emily Brown
  • EDP 316 Intergroup Dialogue - Dr. Emily Brown
  • EDP 308 Statistical Reasoning & Literacy - Dr. Anita Israni
  • EDP 318T Introduction to Career Planning - Dr. Chris McCarthy

Students with teaching responsibilities at UT Austin or in their future careers may want to get involved with the graduate student development programs and services provided by the Center for Teaching and Learning.

GRA: Graduate Research Assistant (GRA)s are expected to contribute, under supervision, to a program of departmental or interdepartmental research, with the understanding that the experience will contribute to the professional training of the student. A GRA may carry out independent research under the guidance of a faculty member, and their work may be used as part of their report, thesis, or dissertation research to the extent approved by the faculty supervisor.

  • Students interested in a Graduate Research Assistant position should read about faculty research interests and contact faculty directly.

Employment Outside EDP

Students often find employment outside the Department, either at UT or in the community. UTHR's employment page is the primary source for student employment resources. 

Appointment / Tuition Waiver Information

Appointment information is available via the Workday (UT's HR system), generally a few weeks before the beginning of the corresponding semester.

Tuition Reduction Benefit (TRB) processing status may be viewed online via the UT My Tuition page. Information about TRB eligibility, amounts, processing dates, etc can be found on the Graduate School TRB page >

Employment-Based Out-of-State Tuition Waivers: Students who are not residents of Texas when they begin graduate study are subject to nonresident tuition rates, but under certain circumstances, some may qualify for resident tuition. Information about eligibility and how to apply for a nonresident tuition waiver can be found on the Graduate School Student Employment site >

Student Employee Insurance & Benefits

Information about Student Employee insurance/benefit eligibility and processes can be found on the UT Human Resources Insurance and Benefits page >

International Students: Information about waiving the student health insurance plan can be found on TexasGlobal's Insurance info page >

Additional Questions?

Please contact the EDP Admin Manager if you have any questions or concerns about Student Employment. 

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