A Program of Work is a list of courses required to complete your degree. Before Orientation, EDP students are given access to a digital folder in UT Box (UT's file sharing system). This folder houses your Program of Work, approved Course Waivers, and any other documents related to your coursework. You will use this Program of Work to track your courses and progress. If you have trouble viewing or updating your Program of Work, contact the EDP Graduate Coordinator.

  • It is your responsibility to keep your Program of Work updated. Be sure to update it each semester before course advising. 
  • Refer only to your specific Program of Work in UT Box, unless otherwise directed by your program Area Chair. Programs of Work often differ between cohort years.
  • Do not keep multiple copies or versions of your Program of Work.
  • Program of Work changes: occasionally, courses change due to changes in faculty, accreditation requirements, etc. If a course on your Program of Work is no longer available, your Area Chair will recommend an appropriate substitution during advising.  
  • If any of your approved Course Waiver forms are missing from your Program of Work folder in UT Box, contact the EDP Graduate Coordinator

Note: your Program of Work in UT Box is not an official UT document. It is a guide used for advising and to help students track their progress.

Programs of Work

Current Students

Access your Program of Work in Box >

Student Entering in 2023 - Blank Programs of Work

Course Requirements on the EDP Website

The EDP Website provides information primarily for prospective students (as opposed to the Student Handbook, which is the resource for current students). Any program requirements listed on the website vs. handbook are typically specific to the most recent cohort year. As requirements may differ between cohorts, always defer to your specific Program of Work in UT Box for course requirements. Your faculty adviser, Area Chair, and Graduate Adviser can also provide clarification when needed.

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