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TA Assignment Policy

The TA assignment policy is under College of Education purview effective Fall 2021.

TA hiring process:

  • Students must fill out the EDP TA Application online in order to be eligible for a TA position in an upcoming semester. Students are sent a reminder and link to the application prior to each semester.
  • The EDP Executive Assistant compiles applications into a spreadsheet, and sends instructors the link along with TA allotment (# of TA hours assigned per course) to review.
  • Instructors reply to the Executive Assistant with their top candidates from the list, specifying course.
  • EDP Leadership Team reviews TA requests and makes assignments.
  • Executive Assistant will confirm instructor TA assignments and hiring instructions via email.

The Department asks program areas to work together to prioritize their most deserving students when assigning Teaching Assistants. Note: Department Chair review and approval is required before TA offers may be made to students.

Hiring a Student Employee

Faculty who have received a notification email from the EDP Executive Assistant regarding permission to hire a student employee must submit the name and EID of the student, as well as the details of their assignment (e.g. which course or research project the student will be working on) to the EA by the deadline requested. The student and faculty should carefully review the UT graduate student employment criteria to ensure student meets all UT and Graduate School hiring criteria.

A signed Agreement Form must also be submitted prior to start of employment:

Performance Evaluations

University policy requires that graduate student employees work under the supervision of a regular faculty member, who must file a written evaluation of the student's work performance with the Department Chair at the close of each semester. EDP Executive Assistant will send evaluation links to faculty supervisors near the end of each semester. Completed evaluations are kept on file digitally in UT Box.

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