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1. Introduction

CCART is a site employed by UT to electronically process transfers of inventory and equipment from one unit to another or to surplus inventory. This article provides instructions on how to give a unit receiving a permanent loaner official ownership. Additionally, these steps can be followed to have an asset picked up for surplus. Click here for the University's official Tutorial

2. Logging in to CCART

2.1 Sign in to CCART Home page on UT Direct by going to:

2.2 Confirm that you are in the correct Desk, ATS-INV, and update the Fiscal Year and Month. 

2.3 Select Update Authorizations.

3. Creating a new CCART

3.1 From the CCART home, select Create CCART.

3.2 Enter the Tag Number(s) under Inventory Number, and the Unit Code asset being transferred to under Transfer to Unit. Any handling information can be entered under Special Handling information, but if there is none, select Create CCARTS

3.3 If you enter multiple asset tags, multiple CCARTS will be created. Work through each cart in order of entry, starting with CCART 1.

4. Editing CCART Details

4.1 Select New Site/Bldg/Floor/Rm.

4.2 Under Choose a Search Method, select Search by Building Abbreviation. Enter the starting building initials under Starting Building Abbr/Code, and then enter the room number it is found in. Select Begin Search

4.3 Select the Site/Bldg/Floor Room Combination that matches the location you entered. 

4.4. From the CCART Details page, perform the following actions: 

  1. Select Default all to. 
  2. Select Update Document.
  3. Under select action, select VER-Verify Document is correctAdd any comments such as contact name, email, phone number etc. 
    1. EXAMPLE: Transfer from CUSTOMER to LAITS - Adding item to LAITS inventory. Asset is currently in LAITS storage awaiting repurpose elsewhere throughout the University. If unit would like the asset to be returned, please contact ____. 
  4. If all is correct, select Perform Action

5. Transferring a CCART

5.1  In order to create, and route forward CCARTs to transfer the ownership of equipment with UT inventory tags from the financial unit to LAITS (0780006 is the placeholder code for all transferred computer equipment bound for UT Surplus).  It is not recommended to select 'special handling' for computers until after transfer is approved to LAITS. Under Action, select APR-Approve and route forward. Then, select Perform Action.

5.2 You will see the CCART status switch to CCART Proposed.

6. Rejected Assets on CCARTS

6.1 Receiving a CCART Error - Assets that give an error during the CCART process will need to be reinstated by Inventory. The type of information you give to inventory for each asset depends on the error

    1. When creating a CCART, you may encounter errors shown example below
    2. If you receive an error, take a screen shot (using cmd-cntrl-shift-4 on a Mac; Shift + Windows Key ⊞ + S on a PC) to save for later processing. It will be used in an email to inventory later in the process.
    3. After you take a screen shot, delete the rejected assets and move on with the CCART process. 

6.2 Rejected Asset Error Information 

      • Take a picture of the UT tag on that item as proof that you have it. Here is an example:

      • Take a picture of the tag on the item same as with “Missing/Stolen Elements”
      • Provide: the computer’s description, serial number and current location. 
      • This error means someone has previously created a CCART with the item that you are processing. If you give inventory the CCART doc ID they will be able to give you the contact information of the person who created the cart. Email the owner of the CCART and see if you can find a resolution that helps you process the asset for surplus. This resolution usually means that other person deletes the CCART on their end. 
  1. 6.3 Contacting Inventory 
    1. After you have all the information on your rejected assets you will email inventory. Their central email intake is
    2. The Inventory Operations manager is most likely who you will be working with during this process. They are responsive to email and will help to guide you through reinstating problematic assets.
    3. To make the process more organized, its recommend to create a Word document and insert a 2x1 table with the tag number next to information is needed for the rejected asset. (see example pictures above)
      • You will then send this specific information to inventory so that they may reinstate the asset
      • Remember to include the original screenshots of the errors during the CCART process 


7.  Surplus Pick-up Request Form

The submission of a CCART to Surplus must be accompanied by the submission of the new Surplus Property Formstack. Items from campus, (both tagged/inventoried and untagged/non-inventoried), must be itemized on the form. All non-inventory items needing pickup should also be included on this form. Photos may be required for larger items.


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