Editing Assistance

For general questions about deliverables and requests for editing services, please contact Sarah McGavick at 512.232.3128 or send an e-mail.

Graphics Assistance

For information about graphics for a deliverable or for assistance with PowerPoint presentation slides, contact Ashley Williams at 512.232.3085 or by e-mail

Publication / Report Templates

  • Product cover pageword-temp (Word template, 70 KB): Required first page for all products. V. 09.19.19
  • Tech memo templateword-temp (Word document, 84 KB). This template is a suggested guideline; RTI has no required template for tech memos. V. 09.19.19



RTI Research Results Permission to publish/present

Before you or any researcher on your project team publishes or submits a paper or presentation to a professional journal or conference, about a TxDOT-sponsored project, make sure you have received any approval that may be required from TxDOT. In this context, publishing includes posting material on a non-secure Internet site.

If the paper or presentation contains subject matter or technical findings substantially similar to those in a deliverable that TxDOT has already approved, you don’t need another TxDOT review. Send a courtesy copy to RTI, to help keep everyone aware of what is going on with the project.

If the paper or presentation contains significant technical findings that have not been approved by TxDOT, you must obtain TxDOT’s approval before presenting it. Submit your material to the professional organization, such as TRB, and RTI at the same time. This usually allows enough time for review and approval by TxDOT prior to presentation or publication. When the preparation schedule does not allow adequate time for TxDOT review and approval, send an abstract of your material to RTI, along with a notice of when and where you intend to present the material. RTI will coordinate TxDOT’s review and approval of the abstract. Your paper or presentation must then include a statement that TxDOT has not reviewed your findings. Submit a copy of the complete material to RTI as soon as possible. If there is time before the material is scheduled to be presented, TxDOT will review your material, and you may be able to remove the disclaimer.